Fully aggressive shields freeze Brave

Site https://www.newsbeast.gr/politiki/arthro/8436408/agnoristos-o-panos-kammenos-poios-eisai-tou-egrapsan-sto-instagram with block-all policy (shields up, no cookies, no anything) stalls the browser indefinitely after the page “detects” the behavior.

Before that time, if you manage to open the Shields counter, you can see the counter measuring upwards in a +2-+4/sec

Which adblock subscriptions in brave://adblock is being used? I got inconsistant results, some loads would be 1000ms (or less), while some were above 6s load. It looks like a website issue to be honest. Only Additional list enabled for me is Easylist Cookie.

I just checked (Dev tools, performance), 6 loads of that webpage:

Brave Aggressive load time (ms) 6 web page loads:
Brave Standard load time (ms)  6 web page loads:
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I seem to have not communicated my situation clearly.

When I said

block-all policy (shields up, no cookies, no anything)

I meant that I block all cookies - and whatever Brave allows me to block. Basically all sites can do on my Android Brave is leave a history entry when I visit them.

It looks like a website issue to be honest.

It is a website issue, but it “busy-loops” the browser, effectively freezing it. Force-stop is the only way out, and then quick reflexes to close the tab in question.
IMHO, if a website can do that, I tend to call it an App issue :confused:

@stdedos ,

How Internet browser (IB) and web server (WS) “relate.”

Each has its own perspective of the other.

Each has some data to send.

Each has to consider what is received.

IB sends a request to WS.

WS responds, and may send a cookie back to IB.

IB sends the cookie back to WS.

What WS will then send, depends upon what IB is prepared to send in reply, or not.

If WS keeps trying to send something, with an expectation of what IB will reply . . . but IB does not reply exactly, then . . .

An on-going repetition of WS sending and IB trying to make sense of (and render) what WS has sent, may continue, because

  • IB realizes that IB keeps failing to render (but keeps trying) with what info it has from WS, while

  • WS does not send addiitonal info, and instead keeps trying to send the info that it is stuck on sending – because WS continues to NOT get a reply that WS keeps expecting from IB.

There, you be. Seriously.

Usually, you need to relax “Agressive” to Standard

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 6.39.13 AM

and also figure out whatever is the source or sources of one or more cookies (re website where you sign on), that you need to allow in Brave Browser settings


– and thus, IB will finally send back to WS, what WS has been expecting.

Possibly / Probably combined with, your also allowing the same source, in the javascript settings (“Allowed to use javascript”):


Developer Tools is useful:

Unable to log on to bank website - #3 by 289wk

In order to learn, what website sources (of cookies and scripts) may be involved, learn to use the Developer Tools > Network tool for monitoring items, and use the Developer Tools > Application for learning sources of, and examining, Cookies.

How to use Developer Tools




Developer Tools > Network tool is where you search for sources of scripts and other items that will qualify despite their not being obvious scripts.


Developer Tools > Application tool is where you will find the sources of cookies.

I am not sure how this response relates to the matter at hand.

Also, as you may have seen, I am using Android Brave; so the suggestion for DevTools is void. You are also assuming that I don’t know how to use DevTools.
Also, I fail to see again how this relates to the matter at hand.

@stdedos ,

You previously wrote: “busy-loops” the browser

I addressed why that can happen, and provided info that may assist with your ongoing investigation. (Assist you, and others who pass by, with the same problem.)

I did a search online, using criteria “view Developer Tools on Android device” and found that there is a way . . . but it seems that you need a desktop computer and USB cable connection between computer and Android device. Plus, Chrome on the desktop computer . . . though possibly Brave Browser (brave://extensions/ > Developer mode) might work?

Some weeks ago, I encountered a loop problem at a website, and investigated.

That included a fortunate phone connection to the website’s high tech person. He watched from his location, while I tried some things. The website had recently been changed, in order to do a combination of polling plus ad/tag thing.

My Brave Browser setup was “Aggressive” at resisting the ad/tag part. That is why I suggested reducing “Aggressive” to Standard", plus ways to discover what sources for necessary cookies and scripts, may be found. As I managed to, and worked a solution.

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