Fullscreen mode is bigger than my monitor, and leaks into my second one




Whenever Brave is opened anew and I make it fullscreen, the issue is temporarily resolved. Once I watch a youtube video on fullscreen, a whole row of pixels sort of “leaks” into my second monitor past the bezel. It’s incredibly distracting and it seems as if the browser is using 1921x1080 resolution instead of the actual 1920x1080 I have.
Here’s how Brave looks like after I go into fullscreen on a youtube video

You can see it on the second monitor’s taskbar, if you zoom in, as it shows the limit of the second monitor and start of the main one; yet the browser goes under it.
Edit: It also happens if I drag the browser to the second monitor. A row of pixels leaks into my first one. Browser is two pixels too wide.

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Here’s how my about:brave page looks like. Im using Windows 10. Last installed update was KB4056892.

Brave 0.20.29
V8 6.4.388.40
rev 4fc3c8f
Muon 4.7.9
OS Release 10.0.16299
Update Channel Release
OS Architecture x64
OS Platform Microsoft Windows
Node.js 7.9.0
Brave Sync v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent 64.0.3282.119

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