Fullscreen and Custom URL shield settings


Hi Brave Team,

thanks for all you do. This browser has a bright future. I’m trying to transition from Google Chrome on Windows to Brave on Windows.

However, there are a few things which make me go back to Chrome again and again.

Fullscreen doesn’t actually fullscreen a webpage
Already covered in someone else’s feature request. This is very important to me.

Login to Gmail doesn’t work because cookies are not enabled
I try to login at mail.google.com and after hitting login, I get redirected to accounts.google.com showing me an error message that I can’t login due to disabled cookies. Enabling cookies for accounts-google-com (on the current page) doesn’t seem to help. If I go to mail-google-com, it immediately redirects me to this error page again. I would expect that I could manually add mail-google-com in a list of custom URLs to be able to take some of the Brave shields down for this specific URL. I haven’t found this capability yet.

Thank you!

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