Full support for Brave Adblocker features for Custom and Imported lists

It would be nice if we get the same features Adblock internal lists support but for the custom and imported lists, all the features like scriptlet injection support and the new redirect feature, be able to block an internal whitelisted entry like DuckDuckGo 1p analytics or Startpage ones which uBlock blocks, maybe even be able to disable internal default lists like you can do in uBlock and make adblock page be like what you do with internal lists and just support all other features internal lists use and brave adblocker has only locked to be used by internal lists for whatever reason.

I am sure the reason why brave://Adblock page can’t use those features is a technical one and how custom or imported lists not act as the internal ones or something like that, but it would help Brave Adblocker to become really better and we users would be able to do more things and break and fix anything we want without Brave team in the middle, especially now that we can import custom lists and we expect most entries to work like they do in uBlock, with the obvious differences between uBlock and Brave, like no $popup support or procedural cosmetics (which is the reason why I still use uBlock so I hope Brave supports that too someday).

I guess, would be better just to make brave://Adblock page more like Filter Lists in uBlock where you can uncheck and check anything you want, even the “My filters” in case you want to turn them off temporarily, without removing or doing anything to the already user custom rules.

Thank you.

Aware of lack scriptlet js via custom filters, brave://adblock has the ability to import in lists now

Regarding some missing items:

@fanboynz h yeah, I use Nightly only and I was probably the first one posting about the importing of lists addition and even sideloaded it on my phone to verify if it was working there because someone asked if Android supported it.

But what I mean is how imported lists support the same features as custom filter box user typed rules and don’t act like internal ones with support for everything Brave Adblocker supports like the scriptlets injection.

But I think my point and a suggestion to brave team is mostly how the goal Brave team has to achieve is give us more freedom about the filter lists, make adblock page as open as what uBlock gets in FIlters List tab, where you can disable everything and even the My Filters list and generic cosmetics, etc. and stop locking down Brave on this kind of stuff. For example, when Brendan Eich talked about Brave Search, he talked how he wanted an engine where Big Tech didn’t tell you what you can read or not, but you are not applying the same principle with these kind of thing where we can’t turn off individual internal lists like the Brave unbreak list which pretty much whitelists too many 1p stuff prior 2018 (before aggressive mode was implemented) so we are stuck giving more info to some websites we shouldn’t have to, like uBlock prevents.
Currently we can’t block whitelisted connections but I am glad to know we can whitelist blocked connections with @@|| , so I know there has been a progress about disabling something that might affect loading a website without having to tell you to modify the internal lists for us to be able to load a website or a video or something without having to disable the whole shields.

So my post was like two requests in one because they are linked, because I want custom filter box or imported lists to use the same features internal lists do, but I also want more openness about the internal lists, I want to be able to for example get the Brave unbreak list file, remove all the 1p stuff uBlock blocks myself, import the “forked” unbreak list with a local server and turn off the internal unbreak list and then turn off uBlock forever because I would be able to use acis, and aopw and aopr and redirect and never have to depend on uBlock for that kind of stuff and only use it for procedural cosmetics in some websites I use it heavily like Twitch to emulate what Unwanted Twitch extension does.

I mean, I appreciate your work and what Brave team is giving us but it’s not like Brave Adblocker doesn’t support the features, it is that only internal lists can use them.
So I hope you understand my point, most people might be fine with what Brave adblocker offers and never touch custom filters or import a list but it would be nice if Brave improved that for the people who use that. Like, I was the one who reported a bug where cosmetic filtering stopped working in Nightly for over a month many months ago, so I know not many use the brave://Adblock page but I wanted to make my feature request to make you aware that openness and transparency will always help to shape the image of a company better, also, it would improve Adblocker so much it would make the job better for everyone.

Anyway, hope you have a good day!
Thanks for the reply and hope someday some improvement in how internal lists are handled vs custom filters.