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Before the update I used to watch videos with Brave and I could make them full screen, now there is no option that I see to make them Full Screen.

2nd this version of Chromium constantly is asking me to share my location, I keep saying no but its like a bad girlfriend that keeps coming back. How do we make it stop??

I was much much happier with the last version of Brave before the Chromium update, is it possible to download an archived version?



Hi @avo,

Thanks for reporting!
Is this on desktop or mobile (iOS or Android)? Also what Brave version that you have?

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Mobile, Specifically Samsung S8 Plus, all updates done.

Brave 1.0.33 Chromium 61.0.3163.98


Thanks for the info @avo! :slight_smile:

For #2, it’s a a known issue. Related thread How to stop “Chromium needs access to your location to share your location with this site”

And the issue is logged in the link below

For #1 (fullscreen issue) I’ll also ccing @LaurenWags for possible existing issue.


Hi @avo

Could you give an example video that no longer displays as full screen for you? (eg is it on youtube or embedded video on a website or a video from Facebook, etc) Anything you can give me so I can investigate will be helpful.

Regarding prior versions, we always recommend being up to date for security reasons, however, our past versions are available on our github repo (along with versions for testing, so be careful which one you choose :slightly_smiling_face: )


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