Full Screen Priortiy Issue


So my report has to do with the browsers apparent fullscreen priority… It seems, unlike any other browser, this browser takes command of the entire desktop when it’s selected (I don’t know how better to describe this).


I have a game open that runs in fullscreen on my main monitor, this game will stay in full screen but doesn’t lock the mouse so I can move to the next monitor over and use programs there. With all other browsers, this will not disrupt the game on the main monitor, the only way to disrupt the game is to physically DRAG something onto the main monitor, forcing that monitor to give priority to another program.

With BRAVE on the secondary monitor, no matter if it’s maximized or in windowed mode, as soon as I click it it will disturb the fullscreen program on the main monitor… Any idea?

Now this can’t be a Chromium thing because Chrome doesn’t have this problem.


I believe this is similar to the issue logged here

Could you confirm?


Thanks for the reply, I can’t confirm that it restarts videos if I overlap 2 browsers because I haven’t tried that. In my case it just seems to command controller of monitors it’s not on. This may very well be closely linked since your attempt to full screen one instance produces that result.

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