Full Screen Netflix or Amazon Prime

I just began to use Brave browser and Netflix or Amazon prime don’t open up full screen. They open up full screen in google.

A fresh install of brave browser. Login into amazon prime video or netflix. start watching a movie. Click on icon to go full screen and still black bars each side. Im using a 21.9 monitor. But i dont have this issue when using google.

Any suggestions

Many Thanks

Can you tell me if you have any extensions installed at this time? Additionally, can you share a screenshot of how the content appears on your end?

On my end, both Netflix and Amazon video display in full screen without issue – tested using both Windows and macOS.

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Hiya there
Thanks for reply. After checking and going through my google extensions i found it was that, that was making video full screen. Added extension in brave and now have full screen ultra wide.

Many Thanks

You’re very welcome – happy to help :slight_smile: