Full amount of BAT not being restored on new computer


I recently switched computers from a Mac to a Windows after using Brave for some time and having about 140 BAT in my account (my account was unverified if that makes any difference) but when I attempted to back up my rewards on my Mac and use the code to restore it on my new Windows laptop it only transferred 55 BAT to my laptop. In addition, if I use the restore code more than once, the amount of BAT in my wallet on my Windows computer alternates between 55 BAT and 27 BAT.

If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Looks like a bunch of people are having the same issue.

I posted about this problem in April 14th. Unfortunately they prefer to use their time censuring/unlisting/closing the topics after a while.

Also they usually ask for information to be sent by DMs. The message in the DMs are ignored of course.

EDIT: My issue was solved by @steeven

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Hello @sn_012

i had the same issue do not worry they helped me before just wait a while as it a weekend for many of the team so expect replay at Monday - Wednesday depend on the load of work

and hope your issue get fixed soon and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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