FTP creates infinite loop

I wanted to download this hex editor. I clicked on the English FTP link which caused brave to ask “Allow ftp: URLs to open an external application?”. I naively ticked the remember this decision box, and clicked the allow button.

Now for the fun part. A blank tab opened, which in turn opened another blank tab and another and another and another…

I tried closing the tabs but they just kept opening. I closed Brave but it just reopened as well. I only managed to stop it by closing all of the new tabs as well as the tab that started it all. I suppose I could of went to the task manager and stopped it there, but it’s not like I could keep a clear head when doing this.

I actually tried it a few more times in Brave with the same results. I also tried it in Chrome which did not cause this problem, so I know it’s not the link itself. The HTTPS version also worked fine.

Hi Jason,

Unfortunately this is a known issue since we stopped supporting FTP protocol on Brave. There is an issue logged for this but its unlikely that it will be fixed

From Brave you would not be able to open FTP sites. You will have to remove the association for that page from about:preferences#security

If this doesn’t fix then you will have to remove the association of Brave from the protocol. This can be done
by going to
Settings -> Apps -> Default Apps -> Choose Default apps by protocol -> FTP -> and remove Brave

Hope this helps.

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I think I’d rather go back to chrome, but thanks anyway.

We have a new Chromium Fork rewrite called brave-core which solves this issue. Its still in development phase but we do have a experimental test build available which you are welcome to give it a try.

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