FTP client/browser



Feature: built-in FTP client
Reasons why:

  1. It is the fastest way to interact with your own site and test it simultaneously, and better than others: using code editor + browser + ftp client, using different computers, applying to server using your own conf-integrator and so on
  2. Most of ftp clients has awful and unfriendly design with big icons, a lot amount of borders and very stupid popups, which uncomfortable because of tiny amount of functions, which moved to the main menu (this menus is kind of irritating trash in FileZilla, but i respect your designers and like your material style, so i hope FTP Client from Brave will be more useful and sunny)
  3. It is comfortable when you need to download something from public repository on SourceForge (because this sites overloads when repository using about 1 thsd people)
  4. also you don’t need to open or download FTP clients, waiting for new VPN connection for app (if VPN is installed) and configure it all, at all
  5. Finally, it is more reliable to use FTP client which already knows all of yours network settings, for current site also (example: sockets workarounds, proxys, vpns, different ftp host port, configured tunnels to test server speed)

I chosen brave because of optimization and design, it is on the second place by design of all tested browsers by me (i’ve tested a lot, about 100) and on the first by comfortability, because mozilla have a plentful of bugs on windows 8-8.1 platforms
Also, i just chosen that because i like cats :smiley: , my real name is Leau, which sounds similar to Lion
Yes, someone can ask about design on the mobile browsers, but, this topic appeared in the Desktop Requests, so, make conclusion yourself.
Also, it is funny, but Brave doesn’t understand short-scripts for verbs with apostrophes and a word ‘comfortability’, maybe it’s a kind of authors humor