Frozen brave page at startup

I have brave browser installed on my linux ubuntu desktop and it has been working well until I downloaded a software call Citrix. Since then, brave browser became totally frozen, whenever I launch it, it gives me a white loading page, and I can not open the settings, right click, or anything. After a min, a pop up window shows up that says that the current page is unresponsive and should I wait or kill it. However, there is no pages, it is just the home brave page. I have all my passwords, history, and everything there. Please, help me to fix it, or tell me a way to migrate all the passwords, and history without opening the browser.

Thank you,

@JimB1 Please help. Thanks.

Hi, from where did you get the Citrix installer?

For what reason did you install Citrix? Can you uninstall it, or do you need it for something?

This is where I got citrix from:
and I need it for my work so I can not uninstall it any soon.

I am just trying to find a way to migrate/export all browsing history, bookmarks, passowrds, and everything to other browser.

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