From other browsers to Brave


If this is real that with Brave browser you are out of getting all your Internet activity NOT saved and sold to advertisers etc., Brave will be the biggest browser in no time. Just make it work.

There are still many issues unsolved, like bookmarks/passwords etc. copied from other browsers to Brave. When you start to inform these actions taking place? It feels quite stupid that we have to ask every question, and even again and again,

You make this work, we will be with you all the way !!


Brave done it again. When trying to import Chrome bookmarks, passwords etc. from ‘Preferences’, site stop responding.


Brave continuously tries to improve itself. Feedbacks & opinions froms are users are always welcomed :slight_smile:



I do believe you’re doing your best there, it’s just that as long we can’t copy/move those mentioned, there is not much use for new browser.

Frankly, I would like to get totally rid of those who collect every possible information and sell them, like whole Google and ‘fakebook’.


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