Friends list & Messaging integration

I know I know, its a big request…

But imagine a Browser that can manage all your contacts, and messages.
Where you can send a message from any device and receive it at any device directly to your browser.

No need to have a separate tab open or use a third party service.

Later this could be integrated to work in cooperation with social networks to quickly add/search for friends directly from your browsers friend list etc…

This could also help increase adoption.
People could switch to Brave not only as a common browser but as a common messenger and friends list manager.

Where families could organize away from Facebook Messenger etc
Yes “Signal” etc exists - but if one app provided everything brave did + messaging/contacts
I think that would provide more incentive for non-savvy users to give it a try and make the switch permanently (they open a browser every day anyways - this could help create a new habit of where to check messages)
Where as Signal - people might switch for a few weeks, but did they build the habit to open that app every day as much as they do facebook messenger? i dont think so