Friend/follow button?

It’d be nice to have a friend/follow “button” that you could click on peoples profiles.

Sheesh, you don’t even vote for your own feature request! :wink:

Since Brave Community is using Discourse, I think this would have to be a feature available in Discourse for Brave to enable and I don’t think it is. There is a plugin but Brave would have to install it… and maintain it… and answer support issues relating to the feature… you get the idea. lol Might not be something they would be real interested in doing atm. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m giving it my vote though. Seems like a pretty common feature in a lot of communities, why not here too!

Yeah, im not a vote for my own idea type of fella. I just thought itd be nice to be able to follow certain people and not threads. Mainly for me, to see what all you smart people are posting as solutions. All about me and what i want. Lol

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lol I hear ya and ditto. I would love to follow the support staff especially. Sometimes they will post a solution I would have been interested in seeing but I miss! I do go view activity in their profile to see if I missed anything in recent posts but even doing that I miss stuff. I don’t think following them would help that situation.