needs 3rd Party cookies enabling but i can't find them in Brave

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced? - try open freshdesk in Brave does it. All other browsers work ok. needs 3rd Party cookies enabling but i can’t find them in Brave, this happens across multiple devices now but it did used to work ok.

  1. Version 0.68.132 Chromium:79.3.3809.132 Official Build 64bit

  2. Win10 Pro 64Bit, Clean install of OS on this pc and New Laptop identical error message on both now.

Okay, I’ll get a bug submitted to get it checked out.

I couldn’t reproduce the issue, but I understand we’re blocking too much on this site which could be causing issues.

Hi there, thanks for the quick responses on this. I have turned off almost everything suggested here and still can’t get it to connect - the error has remained the same though thankfully.
Things tried
Shields Up - To Shields Down - No fix
I manually added the sites to the allow list in the cookies section - No Fix
Turned Off Cross-Site trackers - Reboot browser and test - No Fix
Turned off Connections Upgraded to HTTPS - Reboot browser and test - No Fix
Set allow all cookies - Reboot browser and test - No Fix
Set Allow device recognition attempts to Allowed - Reboot browser and test - No Fix

Hope that helps, this is a new issue by the way it was working fine until recently. In fact it was working on my work PC until i re-installed it clean due to an unrelated error. The laptop was also working but stopped without any incident of note. The laptop and PC are in different locations using different routers / firewalls too. One is a TP Link home router, the other is a Fortigate E60 - same error.

whats the best way to replicate it from the freshdesk menus?

I just go here.

Same error.

many thanks

Getting the same error in Chrome and Firefox. Seems to be an issue with the site.

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