Frequent Unexpected crash

For the last couple of days while using Brave, my mobile application is constantly crashing after every 5-6 mins of opening.

Currently using:
Application version-
Brave 1.43.94 Chromium 105.0.5195.136

This is only happening with Brave and not with any other app.
Pls help if u can

@Frozen_God Do you have crash reports here- brave://crashes/? If you see them, “send” them. Check “Show developer details” and submit the Crash Report ID here or in a DM to some in support team or by creating a ticket here-

Do post an update.

Yes i see a crash which took place before I asked this ques.

You should send the crash file & note “Crash Report ID” after sending it. I will tag @Mattches for more info.

Yea did the same from my side

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Jumping in, please excuse if this does not apply. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you are using an Android device, can you please try the following and see if it corrects your issue:

Enable Vulkan via brave://flags#enable-vulkan

Additional information:
User Solutions: Brave Release 1.43.x - #3 by Chocoholic
User Solutions: Brave Release 1.43.x - #4 by Chocoholic

You should still send any crash reports to support.

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Can you please tell us what Android device type you’re using at this time? Taking a look at this on my end.

Currently using Android 12

Can you please send us any crash report IDs on the brave://crashes page that correspond to the browser crashing in this way so we can take a look on our end? Thank you.