Frequent temporary Unity gray-out freezes and typing input ack pauses



Using Chromium compared to Brave under Ubuntu Unity I’ve noticed that Brave more-often will temporarily freeze while I’m typing – making it ambiguous as to whether my key-presses are being accepted. During these temporary freezes the screen frequently darkens to a gray before starting up again – which is typical of Unity behavior when the user interface is being blocked due to system load etc.

I’ve noticed that these gray-outs will happen when I’m not even using the system.

In order to prioritize this issue, metrics are needed. Metrics such as “Estimated Time Saved” in the Brave browser seem to me, subjectively, like they are more than offset by these freezes. Objective measurements on these freezes should be kept by the Brave browser by issuing frequent, but low overhead, interrupts to detect when they are not being serviced due to whatever it is that’s grabbing control away from user input.

Version Information
Name Version
Brave 0.17.19
rev 4e46480
Muon 4.1.9
libchromiumcontent 59.0.3071.115
Node.js 7.9.0
Update Channel dev
os.platform linux
os.release 4.10.0-28-lowlatency
os.arch x64


Is this on a VM or the actual OS? Also do you have Sync enabled on the laptop profile?


Actual OS and I don’t recall if I had Sync enabled.

Sorry for the delay but I ended up ditching Unity and, indeed, Ubuntu altogether for my desktop due to Nvidia graphics driver issues. It seems bit-decay has set in for Ubuntu support except as a server.

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