Frequent network errors with Brave, no network problem with anything else


Hi all - When I start Brave on my desktop, it is several minutes before it works effectively. Until perhaps five or six minutes go by (different on different days) I get frequent Error - Network Changed, or “Your connection was interrupted” errors. If a site does manage to load, it’s very slow loading, sometimes not loading all the way or having a great deal of trouble. There is no network problem on the machine or any of my other devices using the same sites with Edge, Chrome, or FireFox. I am using Windows 10 on the problem machine. I update Brave whenever it’s available and am currently on 0.22.714 and the V8 is 6.6.346.26. The problem is not with my network - speed tests run perfectly and I don’t ever have any network/speed/connection problems with anything else except on occasion my Microsoft OneDrive does seem to take forever to sync right when I start my computer, but this Brave issue seems to be related to starting the browser, not the computer.

I did the “how to solve almost every problem after install” nuke and the funny thing is it fixes it for a while - maybe 2 or 3 days, and then it’s back to the problem again. This has been going on for months so I basically don’t use Brave anymore on my desktop. It works fine on my laptop (also Windows 10) so it’s something with this specific hardware I’d guess. ASUS machine, happy to provide any other hardware details.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hi @Jason58104. Are you behind any VPN service? If so could you check if the issue happens when you disable VPN ? What antivirus do you run on the system? Mind checking if the firewall rules in antivirus has a strict rule and may be adding Brave to whitelist might solve the issue


Thanks! Nope no VPN. Using Windows Defender, it’s not firewalling it.

I may have found the issue - every time it happened, I would look to see what was running in the background, and my curiosity was piqued again after sending the message the other day and I saw an old FitBit application was running. I deleted the application and today Brave seems to be working fine. Is it possible this FitBit application could have stymied Brave in some way? It barely even showed up in the network access system resource tool so it wasn’t a bandwidth issue I don’t think. It certainly wasn’t using so much system resources that nothing else would run. Anyway, seems odd but if you find this interesting I can report if the success continues.

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