Frequent Brave issues becoming too many to ignore

I have been using Brave for over a year and a half now. I love it. It has been set as my default for most of that time. The last 3 or 4 months i’m having daily problems, multiple times daily. I rarely had issues before the last several months.
The issue is entire websites not loading, and/or parts not loading, and/or i have even run into lines missing when filling out a form (after pressing submit the required line will become displayed for the first time) and/or a drop down box, with no options inside. Websites not loading correctly, in summary. This is begining to happen very frequently. I have to switch over to chrome to continue with what i am doing. I want to add more detail, but idk what to say beyond the pages simply wont load. For example, i do YouVov surveys and usually about three quarters of the way through, the page is only black, also this is a place i often get the problem of: missing lines until i press next. I was on Coinbase support today and whenever i tried to click the link i needed, i would get pushed back to the main coinbase page, not the first support page, but the coinbase initial home page. After typing the link into chrome (no copy/paste) i would get taken to the document upload page. I dont have any screenshots (didnt think of it) but brave is still my default and (im assuming a couple days for support to get to this post) i will take screens and update this post as they happen. Im desperate to get this fixed and wish i could give more information. I shudder everytime i have to open chrome, and wish i never had to again.
This happens every day, often multiple times. The coinbase issue today was a one-off. Its the first time ive seen it. The YouGov is every time. I cant get through a survey.
I just today, i thought of coming to support about this, but as i (hopefully) wait to hear a response, i will take note of any issue that arrises and quickly update this post while its still fresh. I wanted to be more specific, but i had thought i would find another dealing with my problems and hopefully wouldnt have to open my own ticket. Unfortunately i didnt find anyone having the same experience…

Android 12 Build SP1A.210812.016
Brave 1.43.90 Chromium 105.0.5195.102

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