Freezing on ipad


My ipad pro currently running on ios 12. This browser works sometimes but for some reason it freezes and then the app closes for no reason


Hi @1999kiki,

I found a similar issue that’s currently known but I’l need a little more information to troubleshoot. Would you mind sharing what version of brave you’re running?


im running on Version 1.6.2 (, which is the latest version, like i said sometimes the app would literally freeze and then the app closes by itself


You say that the app closes “sometimes” - is there any website or sequence of actions in Brave that you know will freeze/crash the browser every time or is it “random” as far as you can tell?



theres no specific website, the app just does it randomly


Even if it looks random, there’s more than likely a site, action or feature being used/accessed that triggers the error. I will pass this information on the team to look into, but for now here’s how you can help:

  1. The next time you’re browsing with Brave on your iPad, take notice of when the app crashes. Try and remember what website you were on or what you were doing on the browser before and up to the error.
  2. Then reopen the browser, try to perform those same steps and see if you can reproduce the error. Knowing this will help the team pin down the root cause.

Feel free to reach out any time if you have more questions, or reply here if you have more information :slight_smile:

Thanks for supporting Brave!


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