Ads Appearing

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Ads appear within the article

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Screenshot of the ad as it appears in Brave

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@dbcommunity You can always use uBlock Origin if Brave doesn’t block 100% of the ads. To be honest, uBlock Origin blocks more ads and trackers than Brave.

Thank you for your input.

I think the next release (1.37) is going to help block cosmetic ads.

I would prefer not to have to install an extension if not needed. Also with Google Manifest 3.0 upcoming, not sure how that will impact ad-blocking extensions.

When Fanboy adds these changes to the lists, it also helps with other ad-blockers which incorporate the same filter lists.

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We use the same lists as uBO, and Brave has much improved over time.

@fanboynz I have no doubt that Brave is improving over time, but does Brave use all of the default lists uBlock Origin uses? Or does Brave only use some of the lists available in uBlock Origin?

Yes the same defaults.

Also what I commit, goes into Easylist, Easyprivacy, Fanboy Lists. So it benefits everyone (uBO, Brave or any extension/browser using these lists)

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