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Dear Brave community,
I am running a sport’s event in Serbia at the end of August, for those that are wondering what Tricking is and how such events look please see this little reference →

The intention is to throw battles and brave themed competition where participants can win merchandise and prizes.

So far I am completely running this out of my own efforts, time and funds, unlike other events in freerunning or parkour that are endorsed by brands such as Redbull or monster, Tricking has very little support, my mission is to change this with like-minded individuals and niche communities such as the Crypto space to help this very unique movement art and sport flourish in the future.

If you are able to support this cause in any way
Please find my channels and links in my bio
Open for any other endorsement ideas.
I am a brave verified creator so any donations are greatly appreciated.

Best regards
Slobodan Panovic

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Hi Slobodan, thank you for getting in touch. I sent you a PM with a few ideas. :email:

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Dropped you a message via DM.
Thanks for the feedback, definitely want to do more challenges in future, here is one that I did online and want to continue to push to educate the niche communities and engage in fun ways .

To be able to offer merchandise for challenges would be a blessing to grow this space .
Kind regards
Slobo Panovic

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