Free Tokens and what does it mean?


I clicked on the promo to get some free tokens and it is in the process of converting Bitcoin to Bat. What does this mean to me? Do I now have a Bitcoin account? What is the benefit to me? Thank you


Did you have a previously used BTC Brave wallet? (potentially from several months ago)? If so, this process is converting that wallet to a BAT wallet.

If this message does not go away after a browser restart let us know, I can provide instructions on how to resolve this.



Ok, I received some tokens from Brave Beta and now have a BAT wallet. What does this mean? I understand that if I don’t use these tokens they return to Brave. I do not see any benefit to me to have this account. Of course I have no objection to Brave making money or funding themselves but why should I participate if there is no benefit to me?


I think the BAT roadmap may be of interest to you:


Thank you. I believe I understand and wish Brave luck. I don’t like invasive monopolies and hope they can gain market share and compete.


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