Free token grant not received

I haven’t received any free token grants even though 2 days have passed after installation, although my father has received free 15 BAT tokens within 24 hrs of installation.


Hi @Shreyansh,

Are you using an android phone or a PC?


I’m using a Android Phone with latest Brave version (1.0.92)

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I’m using Android phone

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Hi @Shreyansh,

It might be that there is no free grant available at the moment. You will get a notification once a grant is available.

Does this also happens, that free token grants are not available. But this is unfair, that some users get those very early and some have to wait for it. Ok, I’ll wait.

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There is no fixed schedule for the free token grants. They may start again in the future, but there is no fixed schedule nor promise of promotional BAT grants for users on a monthly basis.

The primary way of earning BAT, especially on desktop, is through Brave Ads. As Brave Ads becomes more prevalent, we will be decreasing the frequency of free BAT token grants.

I have the same trouble

See my post just above yours :grinning: