Free token gift


I’m in Portugal so unfortunately I don’t get full experience of brave, but today like 3 weeks after installing I received a notification that gave me a free token gift. I click on it, accepted it, and it was loading and loading, like for 5 minutes and nothing. Then I refreshed and got 0 balance. Now I don’t have any info about that reward. Did I lost it or it’s like pending? And how do I know if I ll receive that or get bugged

android or Pc? please specify

I have the sane problem on my Android phone, i can’t reclaim the free gift. What i have to do? I am in Italy.

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On Android, also use on PC, but never had the token git notification

On the PC i don have the option for the brave rewards. It’s not enebled in Italy?

Someone knows how to fix this?

Or there is a way to contact brave support team and they fix it if you report?

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