Free gift token not claimable

@flynnp Hi, haven’t gotten a reply for this. So I can’t seem to wrap my head around this issue. Anytime I get a free gift token an I hit the claim button, a loading Icon appears and keeps spinning in perpetuity! And after waiting to no avail, I have to leave that page just to stop the spinning/claiming icon only for the claim button to reappear as if nothing happened and no free gift token claimed. Please kindly advise on this please.

Hi @Yashim - what Brave version and device are you using? Can take a closer look at what might be causing this.

Hi @steeven I’m using Brave V1.4.3 and my device is a Tecno camon 11.

Hi @steeven, @grasyana22 just checking to see if you have any suggestions or solutions for the problem I’m experiencing. I still can’t claim any free gifts. I hit the claim button and a loading like wheel begins to spin like forever with no respite. Kindly help please. I’m currently using a Techno camon device while my Brave browser is version 1.5.0. I really hope there’s a way out and hope you guys can help with it.


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