Free BAT tokens not received after registration


I’ve been using the browser for a few weeks now and I saw in a few tutorial videos that when we first register and start using the browser, we get 30 BAT tokens for free. Is that still being distributed because i haven’t received them yet?
In the account balance tab of the Payments page, it is showing “Next Contribution: overdue”


Hi @chirag.cp1994

Where did you see these videos? Brave had done a grant of BAT to users previously - see this blog post:

But that promotion has ended. However, more promotions will be available in the future. Your best bet is to follow Brave on twitter - - for the most up to date announcements about BAT grants.



Hey Lauren !

these are the 2 vids i saw which mention free BAT tokens
but its possible that I must have misunderstood.
but no worries…Thanks alot for the clarification :smiley:


Thanks for sharing those! If you look at the dates on those videos, they’re from December which corresponds to the blog post I linked :slight_smile:

Definitely keep an eye out for future promotions!



Yes i understand now,
Thanks again for the help Lauren ! :smiley:

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