Fraud Account Transactions!

On Sunday 5/15/2022 at 3:32 am an account was fraudulently created and my debit card used twice on this platform. I have never used the service and directed by customer service as the platform on record for the transaction. Here are the wallet order IDs of the transactions being disputed:

  • WO_7C97PM4VRA

I am working with my bank and law enforcement to resolve the issue and need your assistance to identify the user. I have never made a cryptocurrency-related purchase through nor have I ever set up an account. If any additional transaction information is needed for a refund please let me know.


For the attention of Brave Support


Clarify “an account” - what kind of an account?

Clarify “on this platform” - what is the platform?

Clarify “used the service” - what service?

Account type - I am not sure but my card an email were used. I have never used your service.

Platform - Means your website. I am not sure of everything you do but rep researched the transaction and it was traced back to

“Used the Service” - Whatever service is used to buy crypto on your site. They bought “ETH” first for $100 and then for $300.

E. Darnell Ryans

Good Morning!

Has anyone had an opportunity to look at this for a refund? $400.00 for me is not a small amount of money. I really could use someone’s help reversing that charge. This is extremely frustrating.

E. Darnell Ryans


How to send necessary info via a Direct Message (“DM”) to @Mattches:

Click on his icon, that you see in a reply of his. And then click on the Message button - looks like:


You might also DM @SaltyBanana or @steeven . . . if you do not get a response from @Mattches.

Those three are members of Brave Support. I am not.

Thank you sooo much! Appreciate it. Thank You!

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I think someone stole your info and purchased crypto in Brave Wallet, you might want to change your passwords and any other authentication methods for logging into your bank accounts. Btw, you won’t be refunded.

Hi @EDR2022, thanks for writing in. I’m sorry that this happened. It sounds like someone got access to your CC and made this purchase. Unless I’m missing something, unfortunately I’m not sure there’s anything on our end that we can do or have access to that would helpful.

Have you canceled the CC and updated your passwords? To confirm, do you use Brave as a browser?

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I have cancelled all cards. I never used your browser. I do not understand why nothing can be done if a user creates an account and purchases using your platform. The cc processor sendwyre was able to identify your platform being used (with all sorts of tracking info which I shared). You cannot identify a transaction on your own platform? Or the location where the user accessed the browser? Where did the crypto go and to whose wallet? This sounds like the basics. What can you do as a company to assist me?

E. Darnell Ryans

I think there is a bit of confusion here.
First, Brave is a browser and does not require an “account”. If you do not use Brave as a browser, then that likely means that the thief uses Brave. In which case, what seems to have happened is that this person obtained your credit card info, and used it to purchase some ETH using the Wyre buy widget integrated in Brave Wallet.

Unlike services like Amazon (for example), Brave Wallet does not require any specific account/user info to setup — and even if it did, we wouldn’t store that data as privacy is part of our brand. Additionally, crypto transactions in and of themselves are anonymous and often hard to track even if we wanted to. Even if the transaction itself can be viewed on the blockchain, information on the person who made the transaction does not come along with it.

With that being said, you may be able to work something out with your credit card company (with respect to refunds) and Wyre as they should have safety measures in place for fraudulent transactions.

I am sorry that this happened and do apologize that there is not much we can do on our end to help.

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