FR: Sorry! Ads are not yet available in your region


I have a problem with my browser Brave.
Indeed, this one says to me “Sorry, you are not yet available in your region.” for Rewards while I am in France (without VPN). On two other PCs (work and home) I use Brave perfectly and the rewards are activated.
How can I remedy this problem?

PS: My OS has the same language than my browser

thank you in advance

@rosario60 Thanks for reaching out! If IP + Locale criteria matches you should be able to see Ads as France is Ads supported region. Could you share Region & Language settings screenshot, please? Also make sure locale is set to one of the supported region ( Canada, US, UK, Germany and France).

Please revert back with version details along with Region & Language settings screenshot.


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Thanks for your response.

Screenshot parameters computer :
Settings Rewards:
Version 0.63.55 Chromium: 74.0.3729.131 (Build officiel) (64 bits)


@rosario60 I am unable to view the screenshots attached. Can you please look into the below post and follow the instructions suggested by @Mattches and check the chrome_debug.log file to check whether notification is made or not.

Also, please make sure the changed locale reflected in the Sys info page. After changing locale if you don’t restart the machine the locale change will not reflect.


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