Fox News site shows certificate errors?


I can’t get Fox News to work here. References bad link, and I have it set as my homepage and it keeps say certificate error. I hope this is just a fluke as this is a valid site, and not some effort to block that site. I will happily stop using Brave if that’s the case. No other browser has a problem with it.

SSL Certificate INFO


Could you please open as mentioned here?

If not, I think it is the issue that has been fixed here:



I just had a go. I can read the articles I tried with Shields Up. Tried to watch some On Air footage and got this:

Taking Shields Down and refreshing prompting me to login using my provider. Presumably that would give me access to live footage if I was subscribed with any of the listed providers.


Will you let me know which URL it is? I cannot find it.



I assumed @BigWaffles meant
I got to “Watch Live” by selecting “On Air” from the main page’s navigation bar.


Thanks, I reproduce the issue.

I think this should solve the issue. @BigWaffles would you please follow these steps to avoid the issue?

  1. Open
  2. Disable HTTPS Everywhere from the top right lion icon
  3. Reopen
  4. Select “On Air” and “Watch Live”


SSL Certificate INFO

Still I think this issue cannot be resolved with those steps:

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