Found Tracking Cookie, Not Happy

For the first time since I’ve been using Brave, a tracking cookie got through the brave browser.

I’m shocked and angry.

Never seen a tracking cookie appear for many years until just now. Why???

I’ve noticed Brave has changed and it’s no longer what it used to be. Image search has been removed and given a choice of using Bing or Google that tracks users. Download bar has changed (do not like it one bit, I prefer the old download bar that appears at the bottom of the browser with a “clear” button, instead of above the browser that I cannot clear at a click of a button.).

It has appears to me Brave sold out privacy for Google and Microsoft. I will be searching for a new browser that does not allow tracking and respects privacy. But that’ll be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Brave is no longer brave. I am very disappointed.



Because nothing can be perfect 100% of the time :slight_smile: — if you would like to share the tracker and potentially what site it came from (if you know) we can try and see how it snuck through.

As it states on the site and has been stated several times before, it as temporary measure and will be changed/resolved as soon as we are able to.

You can go to brave://flags, search for a flag titled Enable download bubble and set the value to Disable and you will have the original download “shelf” from before

No, we haven’t :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful day.


How do I locate it? Since I’ve never bothered to find it because I didn’t have a reason to, until now that is. My firewall notified me the second I opened the browser.


We manage third-party cookies. Some sites would break if you just blocked them outright, like google/microsoft auth.

If there is a sample web site where there is a privacy issue, let me know.

Well, I don’t use google or MS for that matter. So, not like that it matters to me.


Well, excuse me that trust don’t come easy for me. People will say just about anything and then turn around going about a different direction.

Let’s just say, I’ll believe it when I see it.

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Was just an example, you may not but many people do. Not here to argue, but compared to other browsers we do alot more for privacy than any standalone browser or extension will do.

Still happy to investigate the website with this “tracking cookie”.


Be happy if you can tell me how I can find that “tracking cookie”.

They track you through your DNS cache servers anyway. Not having an internet footprint is very suspect and something criminals do 24/7.
stealth mode is fine and understandable but not always and everyday. i use google sign in to interact with the world when i have to. Theres no way to avoid it and you really shouldnt try too.

Privacy and safety is just a simple illusion.
Keep going to believe that you are hidden behind a service/product made by brave, which bends over when is about the law, with an aggressive KYC.
The more you lie yourself, the more chances that you will suffer from Stockholm disease.

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You are so write. Seven sick

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Same here, this browser is easily hackable and frankly I do not trust the people behind the scenes, mine was syncing to a device I do not own, I never synced myself or set up. I do not even own another device. I get a red asterisk before all web pages, where the lock should be. Even clearing cache and all cookies does not help. Changes from light to dark theme in spite of my settings. Just Not secure at all .

Why not try to, why not strive for the best privacy?

Awful response, we should ALL strive for what is best for us instead of tolerating lies, illusions and false statements.


My statement States, there are tracking cookies that cannot be deleted. No matter clearing both cookies and cache, there is syncing, that I did not turn on-the background changes to dark despite my settings, there is a red warning asterisk instead of a lock for most websites despite having active and not expired credentials, I cannot import bookmarks no matter the steps I follow or directions, though export does work. I update the app regularly. Clearly as the other commenter stated security is a Big Issue, and really non existent- no matter the false platitudes you imply

found tracking cookie

Yet, doesn’t show which one it is, doesn’t explain WHY it is a tracking cookie, doesn’t show any proof…
Do people really believe this OP will even know what ‘tracking’ is?

I will just assume this is a troll post made by someone who doesn’t have anything else to do in life.

Then we have the other troll “Browser can be easily hackable”, and again, nothing makes sense, no proof, nothing but words.

Either people are dumb or trolls or ignorant.

So maybe time to close this post since it is clearly a troll post with nothing but nonsense or/and ignorance


Seriously? This is your response? I do not want preferences service, but Do expect a product perform like it advertises. False advertising is a crime.

I certainly hope you do not represent the Brave browser in any way, as an employee or developer.

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Hello all. I am locking this post as it seems not to be productive in conversation. I do understand that there are varying levels of concern and understanding held by everyone here. Issues like changes to Search, especially with little notice, left room for misunderstandings and assumptions. That has been addressed on other topics and in replies by Brave staff, such as you can see at Image search bringing me to Bing or Google? - #4 by Mattches and

In regards to tracking cookies, nothing will ever be perfect. Brave is indeed much more secure than other browsers. OP even helped affirm to this in that it was the first time a tracking cookie got through in their years of using the browser. Reporting this issue and sharing things such as which sites used would be helpful, as the teams at Brave would be able to review the site and see if there’s anything more that can be done to strengthen Shields.

If any of you are concerned on security or privacy of the browser, I do first invite you to read more about a lot of the functionality that Brave has. One of the places to see more would be to check I also invite you to create new a new topic with specific questions on how things work or sharing your direct concerns.