Found an advertisement on Brave Beta

There was an ad here, that weirdly went through both Brave and Ublock origin. Are there more recommended filters that I should do?

Anyway, I fixed it by blocking all the scripts. image and I found a google script that may have brought the advertisement.

Hopefully 3rd party script blocking will come as it’s own setting soon, I will definitely be doing that when I get the chance (but I heard that for Brave Stable it’ll be coming early november with the new Shield UI. So for Beta, earlier? I don’t know) Getting off topic so have a good evening.

I do not see advertisement in the link you have given. I am using Brave Beta (Version 0.57.2 Chromium: 70.0.3538.67 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)).
AFAIK, Brave does not block first party advertisement. If you see an advertisement or an element you can right click and then block that element through “Brave -> block element via selector” option.

@nellaiseemai’s note about not blocking 1p ads is relevant. That said, that ad doesn’t look like a first party one. I went to check myself but I too was unable to view the ad (with Shields up) in the developer build or stable release. Have you seen ads displayed on other websites where you believe they shouldn’t be?

Regarding the Shields panel - New design is set to be implemented once 1.0 is released in November. In the meantime, enjoy some images of what the redesign will look like when implemented (linked thread only tangentially related to your post but images of Shields panel is inside):

No, I haven’t seen any other advertisements anywhere else, it might have just been a one-time bug of some sort. Will Beta get the 1.0 update earlier? I’m definitely excited for it!

Blocking scripts from the website fixed that issue.

the UI looks very very cool

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Apologies for the late follow up question, @Mattches .

I just saw the new shield panel in beta, but there’s no option on blocking third party scripts in the menu. Nor is there one in the global shield settings that I see. Is this still in development? Excited to see the product!

For any scripts blocked on a site, you can use the arrow to the left to open the dropdown menu of all scripts blocked for that domain. From there, you can whitelist ones you want to run:

Global Shields settings are located in the Settings main menu (Menu button --> Settings --> Brave Shields Defaults).

Hope this helps!

I see. Will there be the option to only block all third party scripts by default later? Thanks

If you turn on script blocking, it should be blocking all scripts by default. The only way to unblock them is to manually whitelist them (note that these settings will remain in effect until they’re manually changed again or the site settings are cleared/reset):