Forward-thinking: Brave needs to avoid version number silliness


I was going to post this in GitHub, but it didn’t seem like the right place. If my username looks familiar, Devs, yes, it’s me. :smiley:

It is my opinion that Mozilla and Google have both lost their minds when it comes to version numbers, and I would hope that Brave would not do this. As I am sure you know, they bump the version number any time the moon changes phase, professional sports teams play, or it rains on a Tuesday in Seattle. Version numbers are completely meaningless; how is version 60 of FireFox different from version 59? Who knows, and the average user tuned it out a long time ago. For that matter, I tuned it out a long time ago, and I’m a tech by trade.

Version numbers should change at meaningful milestones. Version 0.x (current) is development. 1.0 should be the initial release, followed by its bug fixes. It should be 1.x from then on until such time as a notably different product, with a notably different experience, is ready. 1.1.x, 1.2.x, etc., would be minor feature updates to address usability issues. When 2.0 arrives, it should look a little different, feel a little different, and most importantly, have SIGNIFICANT new features that have been in development and testing among the beta crew until all the obvious bugs are worked out.

I HOPE I am stating the obvious. I realize that this is the conventional, traditional approach to versioning, and I am merely rehashing what is, in most software circles, standard practice. Surely Mr. Eich, having experienced personally how lunatic the Mozilla Foundation is, will not be hasty to recreate any of their madness. However, I never was one to sit by and hope for the best without trying to influence it.