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ok here is a little forum feedback and questions/help

SINCE THIS IS THE BEST PLACE I CAN FIGURE… because there is no specific FORUM Feedback HERE!!
(until any catagory(s)) get added i thought i would post in here

so FORUM Categories that should be added Here at brave community

Introduction (new members and old to)
FORUM Feedback (Separate from Site feedback (2 separate purposes) like me writing here
Site Admin/Developers/mods (AND THEIR Specific area of purpose in developing brave browser and forum boards) (this can be a closed topic (or added as needed but to show members who are the BRAVE LEADERS)
HELPED WANTED (for those interested in helping brave site and forums grow) and those members interested in helping (so site admin and forum admin can see what members are interested in helping Brave out (as needed on their personal time)
(general brave and computer humor) < catagory)

a lot of forums here are GREAT and NEVER HAD BEEN DONE ON FIREFOX, OR MS INTERNET EXPLORER OR CHROME, OR ANY OTHER BROWSER (and that is what makes brave GREAT and innovated) they just have links to site feedback and interested browser USERS/members like me have noticed half of us are slowly becoming fun online friends and helping 1 another (which helps take i little pressure off the brave staff for constant questions asked by fellow members (with members answering some to help the developers) and give them more time to DEVELOP the Brave Browser/extentions… and get the bugs out

add links to GITHUB/Discuss chat and HERE (so members see how brave and its developers/community work)

The optional tags here in the forums (BELOW) dont really work and can help members out FURTHER it needs a fix job :slight_smile: PRETTY PLEASE lol
if possible add an forum archive for posts/and replies of us members (listed in like the account settings area or near categories) this way we can see all the topics and replies we became a part of

some of this should be EASY With the forums… like ADDING THE CATAGORIES and listing the brave admin/developers/forum staff…

the links i dont know lol

THANKS (the posting novelist at work here)


I believe we already do that for who is a leader, you can also click on their profile and it shows the badges they have been given. CC@Lauren


we can see the leaders well IN THE DISCUSS Chat but not here well… and the members especially NEW members wouldnt think much to look in the account for who the brave leaders these days…

remember these days we live in the must see now era of dorks lol the young farts dont always use brains and THINK :slight_smile:
besides that its a smart welcoming move


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