Forgot Vpn open and i think i am marked

Hello i forgot my vpn open once and i used brave. Since then i have not got a add. Is my account marked as fraud ?And if yes how can i fix it ?

Reach out to @mattches or @steeven to see. If this is your first profile and have not connected to uphold yet, you could just start a new Brave installation

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brave://rewards-internals … pick Journals and press refresh … then
search next string … for example…

[26 июн. 2021 г., 1:01:09,1] Failed to get creative new tab page ad
[26 июн. 2021 г., 1:01:09,1] Failed to fire new tab page ad event for uuid
if the following lines are found … wait for it to be fixed
P.S. see also next string: “Invalid request R1” - bad error …

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