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I like very much Brave Browser for a lot of reasons. I’m concerned about privacy, so I use also DuckDuckGo and Firefox Focus, the both of which are featuring a “forget-all” (i.e. history, cookies and the like) button, and I feel that solution far more practical than the sequence you need to go through within Brave browser.
Wouldn’t it be a good idea to implement that feature in Brave as well?
Thank you in advance, best regards.

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I want this also. On desktop, I can configure Brave to save site/shield settings but clear history/cookies/cache when I close the browser. I can do this AND use Brave Rewards at the same time because it doesn’t require me to use Private Browsing.

On iOS, the only way to do this is to enable Private Browsing, which then does not work with Brave Rewards. So if I want to use Brave Rewards, I have to use regular browsing, remember to close all windows, go into settings, and then do a manual clear. There needs to be an option to clear all cookies/history/cache data when the browser is closed, like there is on desktop, without requiring Private Browsing. It could either be an option toggled on in settings that works when the app is force-closed, or it could be an easy-access button like in Firefox Focus that just shuts down the session and clears everything.

Not only is this a needed feature for basic usability, it should also help make Brave Rewards use more common.

Brave browser already has you covered there:
Go to Settings —> Privacy: —> Clear Private Data; then select the types of private data that you want to have deleted from the list of options presented and then hit Clear Private Data - all the categories of private data that you selected for deletion will be deleted. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Dear Joseph, thanks for your kind answer, but…

I obviously already knew the procedure you taught me (as follows), but I was looking for something easier and more one-shot, you catch my drift.
Have you ever used DuckDuckGo or Firefox Focus apps? By those programs, you just tap one single icon, et voila, all the annoying stuff (cookies, history and whatever) is gone for good.

Definitely another (and better) way, you can’t compare the latter to the list of menus, operations, clicks and selections you kindly retrieved.

Brave is simply one step behind in the matter, period.

Best regards and thanks a lot, anyway.

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I definitely catch your drift. I use the Onion Browser on iOS for that exact privacy feature.

Best regards