Forced website redirect are still pushing through

I use which is a very popular site for anime. But even after using ad blocker on aggressive, Auto redirection ads still works. Generally when i use aggressive mode this auto redirection stops happening for example it works great on

I am using latest brave version.
my device is mi pad 5
everything else works great its just redirection that doesn’t get blocked and its the most irritating part of whole thing.

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using uBlock logger I noticed:




which depend on each other, but are not supported by Brave completely so they get discarded causing the popup to happen.

The first problem is in the rule options, it uses $popup and it is not supported by Brave so any rule with it will get completely discarded, $redirect-rule is supported by Brave but it technically needs the other rule to work, because it only redirects what’s been blocked.

The second problem is in the regex, because the regex is not completely compatible with Brave, which is the positive lookahead part (?=) (just like if it had (?!))

But that rule blocks on my side.

So you can add ||^ as a custom filter and see if that works better for you.

For the way the lookahead works, I always ‘fixed’ the regex by removing the whole (?=). I don’t even know why it is there because it is not doing anything taking into account the next part of the rule.

But you can use the regex version too, without the positive lookahead and it might work better since it will cover more websites until Brave adds more compatibility for it.




one will not have the $popup, and while match-case is also not supported by brave either, rules don’t get discarded by having it, so it is not negative to have it.

sometimes things are done differently by region but this will be enough, at least in my case it works, and I have seen many websites needing that regex to work.

Edit: checked stable and it supports $redirect-rule so I fixed post accordingly.

@ItsAssassin I tested a few different times today on my iPhone and I didn’t have any issues. One thing I do want to check, have you enabled any filters in your Shield? If you’re using just default Shields, it may not be good enough for those types of sites.

I don’t want to assume, do you mean iPad 5? Or Xiami Pad 5? Or something else? Trying to think what OS type and all so I can guide you to filters if need be.

If you know how to get to content filters in Shields, then make sure you have Fanboy Annoyances List and uBlock Annoyances List activated.

It is a timebased popup, like you need to wait sometime and then click on buttons to get it.

Brave will only block if pertuseslik goes through but it still causes the popup to happen.
That’s what the regex will do, block the pertuseslik and then the popup shouldn’t happen.

So the user can choose between pertuseslik or do the regex workaround that is not being done by Brave.

Of course, for now the workaround wouldbe if easylist adds pertuseslik to its lists, but since it is still not there then all we got is to write it as custom filter ourselves to stop it for now.

also, it seems that if pertuseslik doesn’t get blocked, then appears, which is not blocked by any list and it keeps like appearing often in the Network - Devtools so we also got ||^ that can be added as a blocking rule.

but sometimes there will be a popup ||^$popup

I also noticed there will be some cookies by pertuseslik, and if you remove them with the View Site Information panel in the Address bar, then after that if you click on the player the popup happens and ||^$popup and ||^$popup is done by uBlock, which is in Easylist as well, but since brave doesn’t support it, then there will be a popup on Brave.

So it is the ultimate BS of popups, all causes by Brave not using the regex, but can be easily avoided with ||^ I just like to use regex and haven’t seen anything being broken by it, even if match-case is not supported by Brave and I removed the positive lookahead

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Thanks for the reply, I use Xiaomi pad 5, and i didn’t know we could add filters…how can i do that? What will work best foe the site i mentioned.

Yep, all OS have ad-block filters now. How to bring them up differs on device though, which is why I was getting clarification. Since yours is Android, they don’t have it easily accessible through the menu yet (at least didn’t when I toyed with my Android the other day).

To access it, you’ll need to type in brave://adblock in your Search Bar (URL bar). It will then load something like:

Might be hard to see as it’s zoomed out, but yeah, list of filters you can apply. Overall, you just need Fanboy Annoyances List and uBlock Annoyances List.

Not seeing issues with the site. but could try adding this; into brave://adblock


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I am not having problem with but

And ty for the filters setting, I will try and see of it works.

Even after applying those filters…it still isn’t working. Whenever I press a button over some period of time, I still get forced onto other site.

what filter did you test?

it should have been only ||^

The extra info is for anyone who wants to know the problem and the ‘fix’ for using the regex which will work ‘automatically’ blocking some scripts in many websites, but it is still a workaround so it is better to better to wait for Brave to completely support regex so it works without any problem.

I mean, I could replicate the behavior you say in my tests, so after some time it gives the popup, and the only one that was causing that was that pertuseslik website but it could be different for you.

Update Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.122 in brave://components then refresh the page. See if that helps.

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