Forced use of Uphold SUCKS

Putting users’ funds/BAT on restricted RANSOM unless we use the worst platform in the space is kind of jacked up. Uhold isnt a favorable option, and users of Brave should not be FORCED to use it just to be able to access the funds they have earned. Aside from the crappiest interface on the planet, all of the funds DO NOT SYNC ANYWAY, as apparent by 100s of posts within this community. Seriously. This project had so much promise for DECENTRALIZATION, then you FORCE us to use a crappy ‘wallet’ or ‘custodian’ such as UPHOLD. It is so sad. Stop holding our BAT for ransom please, and allow us to use and send and hold OUR FUNDS as WE see fit. Why is this so difficult. Honestly. Now they are ‘updating’ terms of ‘service’ that include GIVING AWAY PERSONAL INFORMATION. What a joke.


This is true, i seriously can’t use properly without being forced to “verify wallet” through UPHOLD. Please make this optional atleast, the terms of service also doesn’t look good from UPHOLD. I moved from Firefox to Brave because i came to know, ex-employees of mozilla work for brave including CEO as well. This is crucial, forcing users to use UPHOLD is not the best step we can take towards decentralization. Please change that and make the BATs/rewards system stable, I also see users complaining of losing their rewards/BATs after some updates which does NOT sound good. You guys have chance of beating/replacing Mozilla’s firefox as their future doesn’t look promising, please do the needful!


I agree with the sentiment. I’d like to have more options to manage my BAT.


Appreciate everyone’s passion and feedback. I will be sure to pass it onto the team.
That said, spamming your caps lock and repeating “Uphold sucks” isn’t super constructive. Please try and stay civil on the forum and lean towards constructive feedback rather than venting your frustrations.

Thank you.


Wonerful advice, thanks. So here is some ‘constructive feedback’: how about actually responding to the REAL issues and crediting the BAT locked in our browsers that we cannot access, or allowing us - the users, decide what platform/wallet we wish to use with the BAT we have earned, since it is ours? FORCING users to use Uphold is almost as ridiculous as not having our credited BAT linked to that crappy platform/wallet in the first place, and, seemingly, the ‘linking’ of BAT to Uphold is part of the reason noone can access their own crypto, as at least for me, that is when my issues started once I had to link. Myself, and many others have tried leaving ‘constructive feedback’ all throughout these forums, and most times have to beg for a response. When a response is given, it is ambiguous. This is, of course, very frustrating, as many of us can’t even access our own earned funds. Now Uphold is just requiring and giving away more personal information with their updated terms and conditions, which is pathetic considering we have been FORCED to use it. So, sure, apologies for ‘venting’ my ‘frustrations,’ but watching my BAT value being CUT IN HALF because it won’t link to Uphold is a bunch of crap since I can’t even access or sell it when I see fit. Add to that getting an email from Uphold that they will require more personal information to sell to third parties, and sure, it’s frustrating. I have been using Brave for like 2 years, but there isn’t much benefit if you are just going to have payment/linking issues with a wallet I never wanted to use in the first place. Pass that on to the team too, so maybe at least they can credit the BAT tokens people earn, even if it is in a place noone wants to keep it, thanks.


Matter of fact, here is another piece of ‘constructive feedback’ : What purpose does it serve to have such claims about the accolades of using Brave if you are willing to sell out your users to Uphold? Curious, but why is it ok to force users to give all of our information to Uphold so they can give/sell it to third party entities if your business model is supposedly so much better than what was already being done? Seems counterintuitive to what you were attempting shrugs

“The Brave browser is built to protect you from this exploitative surveillance economy. Unlike Google Chrome, which individually identifies and tracks users while they browse, Brave ensures that your data remains private and on your device”

“Right out of the box, Brave offers more privacy protections than any other web browser.”

“These third parties use trackers: tools that can monitor your location, demographics, purchase history…”


Thanks for considering, please do take this into consideration, this will give users more freedom and options when using Brave Browser. Uphold doesn’t “s-uck” but we just feel forced to use one option as the rewards system is basically nothing if we don’t have verified uphold. This is a great option for users who are ready to share there legal full name and date of birth at the start, but in common, there should be another option where we give out our info when we have minimum BATs.

Thanks, and please do update us if there are any regarding this topic!

oh, IT DOES, for that matter.


I think the best description of the issue is the following:
An Uphold wallet is required to receive Brave rewards.
Brave has a built in crypto wallet feature that can receive BAT.
Brave rewards are not distributed to the browser wallet and/or the user does not have the choice to provide a different wallet address that would receive their BAT from Brave rewards.

This sounds bit like


You’re comparing Brave directing business to a different company, to a lawsuit based on Microsoft having around 90% marketshare using their monopoly to push their other products, thereby stifling competition. Even if Brave owned Uphold, Brave’s market share would still make the comparison unsound. But they don’t. And Brave directing people to Uphold has basically no impact on the success of other crypto companies. In other words, the two scenarios you’re comparing are completely dissimilar, and sound nothing like each other, even superficially. It’s just a normal business arrangement. They happen all the time.

I cannot say Uphold delivers a bad or good service because they do not verify me so I cannot even use their services. Almost a week now " Processing your ID document". Filed a ticket with them on Brave advise but nothing happens. A wall of silence.

Same here. Been waiting for more than a year to be verified. Their support is useless. I think I’m just going to bill Brave directly for that ad money they haven’t paid me on my four devices cumulated. I’ll send my Binance BAT wallet address, convert it to DOT and be done with it.

But guys, what we all actually need to do is block those ads. If there’s no one to watch them, no one will pay for them.

Brave is implementing Gemini as a BAT on/off ramp, best to wait for that, which is suppose to happen soon

Doesn’t do much good when myself and many others haven’t even been able to access the BAT sitting in the browser that won’t link. Seems all we can do is wait…

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Everybody does know you need 25 bat in the browser wallet before you can verify to Uphold right?

P.S. Uphold s-u-Ucks

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Tip: I just stopped using this sh**. I no longer use BAT and Uphold etc, like many I came up with the idea of having a great free browser. I don’t use them anymore, someone else will do it for me: I have nothing to lose.

Hello everyone

i find this but i am not sure if it mean what we most of us waiting for or not so i asked about it in this post

but did not get answer yet so hope to hear a good news about it

and have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:

i have like 400 sitting there that I cant do anything but stare at LOL

I agree… It would be wonderfull to get other options than just Uphold. I am happy with Uphold, it has worked perfectly for me so far, but it´s way more professional, if there were other options too.