Force PDF to display in browser, rather than prompt for download location?

Oftentimes, I click a PDF link and it displays in the browser. Great! I can skim it, and then if I want a local copy, choose <File -> Save Page As…>.

But other times, a PDF link that looks just the same in HTML instead triggers a file-selector dialog, to save to a local location. This sucks. I neither want a local copy, nor the extra steps to view the document. I believe it’s the site’s content-disposition: attachment; filename=SOMETHING.PDF header that triggers this behavior.

I’m pretty sure I never want a site to decide for me to download a local copy of something that I could read in the browser. When unwanted, that behavior is of similar annoyance to a pop-up interstitial.

Is there any way to tell Brave to ignore/override this site behavior, either always, or on a certain click? (Might there be an extension that prevents this behavior?)

Thanks for any tips,

  • Gordon

As there seems to be no existing support for this, I’ve added a request at: Allow overriding site's forced-PDF-download-to-local-path

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