Force a tab to be inactive/discarded from right-click context menu

A feature to force a tab to be considered inactive/discarded would be useful to laptop users, power users, resource-constrained users and users that want more control over their browser. These users will all be able to increase the life of their laptop batteries, optimize resource usage on tabs they could care less about but need to remain open and make room in available resources for other tabs and applications.

Doing this would get rid of the extra steps of going to brave://discards/ to discard. Although I’m not sure of how many people actually go there to discard tabs, including me in the people who don’t, adding the ability to do it from the context menu would make the browser more accessible and be a fine addition to your collection of things that makes Brave the browser the users are in control of. The feature could even lead other mainstream browsers into adding similar options that only benefit the users

Try the “Tiny Suspender” extension in the Chrome Web Store. It works like a charm for me. :slight_smile:

Have you tried enabling battery saver and memory saver? For example:

New Tab - Brave 5_20_2023 19_28_34

Learn More takes you to

That gets activated through High Efficiency Mode in brave://flags

I don’t use laptop, so I don’t think Battery Saver is available, but not sure how that works. There’s a flag for that: