For those saying they aren't getting any ads

Look and see if and what ads are running in your area. And remember, the ads are geared towards your browser/device. Looking at the ads available in my area(US) there are only 4 campaigns geared towards Android users.

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You could also check these stats to figure out your possibilities receiving an ad.

DAU (Daily Active Users) =~ 19000000
Brave Active Ads Campaings =~1500

Let’s say every User roughly get’s displayed the same amount of ads.
What do you think/expect to happen if nineteenmillion daily active users are facing onethousandfivehundred campaigns?

Bad times at the moment (for a great project).

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For anyone interested in the charts @Murphmeister posted, provided a link below. Can also see results charted by country. Interesting stuff. :slightly_smiling_face:


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