For those of you experiencing the Brave Rewards Captcha issue

I’m writing this to update everyone on the status of this issue as well as organize the different threads surrounding it. The issue in question is this one about completing the Brave Rewards Captcha:

We’re releasing a small update today that addresses a few select issues and this happens to be one of them. The update containing the fix will be pushed to release channel - that is, the current stable Brave build.

I’d like to ask anyone willing to download the release channel build (if you haven’t already) and test the Rewards Captcha to make sure it functions as intended. Please leave any reports (positive or negative) on the issue here in this thread so we can better track it’s progress.

We appreciate anyone’s willingness to help us test the feature and going the extra mile to tell us about your findings. I’ll be in and out monitoring the thread.

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Looks like it is resolved now. My desktop had this issue and today when I checked it worked.

Win 10, Brave 0.57.2 Dev

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