For France there is no brave reward

Brave Reward - Why it is not avalibe for France?

It is available. France is also on the list for connecting to a custodial wallet (Uphold)

What do you mean?
If you selected a country other than France in the select region prompt in brave, then that could be an issue.
Please elaborate on the issue you face.

thank you for your unswer. Where can I find htis option in Brave, my region to select? I thought that this is automaticly celected, if I am in France.

Well. It would have asked you what region you are in. It does automatically select using your IP and locale, but as an additional layer, it asks us to select as well.

Please read PSA: Current FAQ - #19 by Saoiray

thank you for your unswer, I found this symbol inBRAVE in mobile, but in PC there is no this one.

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