For brave VPN, why not fork psiphon

I have noticed that Brave VPN/Firewall uses IKEv2 as its VPN protocol, which is excellent for standard network conditions, but often times we use networks with adversarial network conditions, which Psiphon can handle. Psiphon is an open source VPN protocol that combines the system VPN API with obfuscated OpenSSH, and an unsecured http connection which actually is a VPN connection, which I think is very smart. It also includes optional anonymized logging, which in the case of Brave, you might want to disable. This combination would help users circumvent any network that wants to compromise their privacy. It is also written in Go, which is a more modern language which is easier to audit. Psiphon’s business model could be forked as well, since the free users would help anonymize the traffic of the paid users, who get faster traffic. Link:

We are using Wireguard on Android, and I’m checking on whether we can switch iOS too.

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