For Brave users impacted by the Auto-Contribute bug

Thank you Steeven. Does what you sent Asad show how much was taken from my account?

Hi Asad,

I received an email from you guys asking me about the lost amount and replied to that, but haven’t head back since (this was 10 days ago).

WoW…this a very complicated way to communicate! So, I am still awaiting either further communication regarding my request to have the BAT that was erroneously taken from my account in Dec or Jan. I did submit the requested screen shots of the amount taken (which you could easily see, if you looked at my account) …and still nothing from you. So, is it up to me to continue every few days or weeks to request you fix this issue?

I have the same issue. Glad I’m not the only one who is being ignored :frowning:

The answer to your question of whether I sent Asad the internals info is Yes.

Checking right now – refunds can take some time to process, our apologies :slight_smile:

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Hello @Asad. Giving you my post link so it can be checked. Thanks for your concern.

Also I wrote to the email in this thread with the adequate screenshots and information.


So, trying to figure out how your communication system works, did you reply to this post 7 days ago? That you were checking? I only just a little while ago …an hour or so) got this.

I had another Bug sent 2 minutes ago another 20.00 BAT this time to a Uphold Member, specifically copied and pasted from my Uphold account “Transaction created using Brave Browser”.

I wrote an email 3 days ago to the direction mentioned in this page but no answer, I wrote a post as well with no response from your team, instead an automatic reply email saying that I should come to this forum and sort it out here.

That’s 40.00 BAT in 3 days sent without my consent from the Brave Bug and for the moment lost, I had plans for those BATS these days, conveniently.

Any chance of getting my case reviewed, and getting my BATs back? @Asad @steeven @alex

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Now I just had a 3rd bug attack “You sent 2.2054 BAT to Brave Software International”, sent from my Uphold account.

Also I have been receiving minimal random “contributions” to my Brave account while the Bug is active. You guys should check this out seriously.

@Asad @steeven @alex

It’s obviously still doing it, because I have become a victim of this as of 3/7/2020.
I find it really hard to believe you haven’t figured this out yet.
I apparently gave you 20 freakin’ BAT today without offering it.

(I don’t want to have allowed ads on my desktop for no reason, guys! :slight_smile: )

@Asad @steeven @alex

I’m just bumping this thread. I’ve never enabled Auto-Contribute, I can imagine how a bug might turn it on - but I’d appreciate a word or two in regards to it being solved. Thanks.

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Hi @Crosstown @Brownicus_Fut_IV - have you already written into with the subject line “Auto-Contribute issues”?

Yes. It directed me here almost instantly.

Hi @steeven. Thanks for your response. Yes I did, on 3/4/2020, no response from that email address though, apart from the automated response, saying to come to this site and contact someone from the Brave team. I wrote explaining the issue as I knew it at the time.

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Hi. Any news on that issue @steeven?

Hey @Asad - can you look into this?

Sorry for the delay @Crosstown - we’ll get to the bottom of this.

Thanks @steeven, appreciate it.

Hi guys, I have reached out via the

and received an email saying "this is not active support and you will not receive a response.

I’m just wondering if anyone can please help me get the BAT tokens sent to brave publishers with auto contribute. Thanks in advance.

same here…
2 week - no response

DM sent