For a web developer Ctrl + F5 is required



I have seen this topic several times without any solution…Ctrl + F5 doesn’t work!
As a web developer I should be able to reload my css and js files…

Please fix this so I can definitely put an end to FF.


Try using Developer Tools (View Menu - OS X)
The disable Cache


Thank! This helped!

IMO the ctrl-F5 should do this as well cause the ordinary user should be able to do this too.
Even F5 should reload all resources…never understood why there should be a difference between F5 and ctrl-F5 in the first place.


Never knew this at all! I love it, this will get me closer to developing on brave. I’d really love a simple version of what chrome offers through it’s inline developer console.

@bonor11 My personal tool is Ctrl + Shift + Delete with the top 3 ticked. Site load time isn’t that bad but it’s not as elegant as ctrl+f5. Never thought of trying it, can’t wait to start using it in development.


I understand that Brave can’t fix its caching to be less than psychotically aggressive. Under Chrome, this mysteriously perennial problem only recently and grudgingly started to give way to sanity – and Google has far more resources than does Brave. I’ve no idea why it is such a hard bug to fix but it clearly is if a company with hundreds of billions in cash couldn’t fix it for years.

However, one thing that Brave can do that is very easy is to show “Developer tools” on the same menu it is on Chrome.


Yeah inline dev tools rather than the pop up would be enough for me to switch my dev work to Brave. Right now I’m still using chrome as inspecting elements is made easier when inline.

@alex maybe? @eljuno can you think of my one better to ping?


@jabowery @Chugwig The upcoming brave-core (Chromium fork coming later this year) will have same devtools like Chrome, AFAIK. And it’s docked.

The current Brave also same devtools, just missing some menus IIRC.


@bonor11 Does it different from Ctrl+Shift+R?


Wow I can’t wait! I knew about the coming Chromium fork but didn’t realize the dev tools came with it.

I’ll be looking out for it!


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