For a slightly faster and less annoying browse - behind the scene/automated response


For a slightly faster and less annoying browsing, I was wondering what is the possibility of Brave stopping such disruptions as:

Allow ' to see your location?'
Remember this Desition (Deny)

A privacy reminder from YouTube, a Google company
(Remind me later) Review

Depending on the users choice, most likely ‘Deny’, couldn’t the brilliant brave developers figure out a way to circumvent this.
I imagine if such a function were to be implemented it will have to be as choice within Security, Shield or Advanced.

There over hundreds of millions of users using modern VPN solutions because of how intrusive websites, browsers and crony governments have become if not have always been and these notices that constantly appear are unjust and contradictory and without the use of any kind of VPN service it is incredibly damaging to ones identity. I hope you agree as I only stated this because if someone is already protecting themselves it seems unnecessary that these constantly show.

I understand there is the ‘Save Site Permissions’ offer something similar to a degree but this isn’t really a feature within the Security tab as I think it automatically recognises the ‘Deny’ but doesn’t really save all permissions.

New extension request - I don't care about cookies
Google pop-up with privacy statement any time I enter any google page
YouTube Settings Not saving
Some kind of AI to track and sort Tracking and Cookie options from Sites Autonomously

Sounds good, the biggest thing for me that is annoying is the little bars that come up and say that we use cookies… :lion::cookie:

Two suggestions

If the @Brave developers can also look at the comments on this page as well so they can be closed at the same time when acquiesced Two suggestions


Jacalz, watch my suggestion about annoying cookies messages and following reloading of the page. Tell me if you would like to introduce it into Brave:


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