Font Rendering Enhancer


Please consider adding Font Rendering Enhancer to your list of supported extensions. I use this on Blink/Chromium-based browsers because they tend not to render text using thick enough lines. Reading large quantities of words in the thinner default fonts tends to give me headaches after a short time. This would help me be more productive and make sites easier for me to read.

Font Rendering Enhancer


This was written back in December, but I am also having a similar problem with the desktop browser’s fonts. They’re rendered blurry, thin, and unclear. Difficult to read a lot of text.


I’ve gotten around it somewhat by increasing magnification on individual sites within the browser <Ctrl +>. It’s not perfect, but it works for now. Firefox still has the best font rendering I’ve found in Windows, and their built-in reader mode helps.

Also, I believe that Brave is going to switch from Electron to Blink or Chromium, so we should be able to add extensions from the Google web store before too long (I hope, anyway).