Following members in Brave community

May we please have an option to follow a member in the Brave community not only Topics?


As for me, wouldn’t make much sense. Why would you like to follow members ?
No offense! Just curious about why it could be a good idea.

Because some members here have an answer to most of the questions and are very helpful. Today I learned some new things without looking for it, just by reading some replies that kept taking me from helpful link to another. It’s a community! It makes all sense :wink:


@Chantys You can kind of accomplish this just by going to their activity. Such as if you wanted to see all my replies, you’d just go to and you’d be able to sort between topics, replies, etc.

Actually, there’s a fine line there on why it probably can’t/won’t be done. There’s a plugin that could be added, but I’ll quote the warning from the people who made it:

IMPORTANT WARNING: This plugin may affect whether laws that regulate social media apply to your forum. Consult legal for advice.

As it stands, this is a support forum and is what everything is tailored to. If they shift in other direction, it becomes social media instead and has all sorts of additional rules to have to abide by. It’s kind of amazing to know that tiny little changes in format can make such huge differences under the law.

Btw, the plugin that offers what you’re talking about is Discourse Follow.

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My vote is -1.
Privacy must be respected. Why the hell would you want to follow me? :smiley:

You can bookmark posts, if they are useful for you. I bookmark some of the PSA posts from our friend above. I do not need to follow (or stalking) him.

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