Follow up for verifications

Follow up for verifications

Hello, I wanted to see if there is a way to follow up on people who download and install the brave browser with our referral link and not from others.

For example: I have a friend who downloaded and installed the brave with my referral link, but I can’t see if he is using the browser or not.

In the panel of brave rewards they indicate us, the Download, Installation and the verification of use of 30 days minimum. but does not give more details because they could help to give more follow-up.

Hola, queria consultar si hay forma de dar seguimiento a las personas que descargan y instalan el navegador brave con nuestro link de referido y no de otros.

Por ejemplo: tengo un amigo que se descargo y instalo el brave con mi link de referido, pero yo no puedo ver si el esta usando el navegador o no.

en el panel de brave rewards nos indican, la Descarga, Instalacion y la verificacion de uso de 30 dias minimo. pero no da mas detalles pque podrian ayudar a dar mas seguimiento.

In short, no. There’s no such functionality.

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